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Living away from home

Well I’ve been in japan a month…I’m so fucking lonely. Like mentally and emotionally. I miss all my old friends. The time difference makes it hard to talk. I miss working too. Having something to do and earn money and interact with people. I miss American things. Like there’s only mcdonalds here. No Denny’s, no in-n-out burger, no Carls jr, Starbucks aren’t on every corner. American ads on YouTube I miss even. I miss having a car and knowing where things are. There aren’t street signs here. Going really far isn’t an option really. I’m just so lonely.

Today’s the day

So today is the day I fly out to my new home in Japan with my new husband…to be honest I’m terrified. I grew up in a small town in California on a farm that’s been in my family for four generations. I’ve never been to a city bigger than San Francisco, I’ve never been farther than Colorado. But today’s the day I’m putting all that aside for a new start. Hopefully something bigger and better than my small country town.

A new name, a new home, and a military creed I need to get used to

So last night was my first night in my new temporary home in Spokane. Not too bad. I’ve been here before and seen the base but I felt weird. Not in a bad way but I knew it was different. A change really. I have yet to get my military ID or anything. I have to be escorted onto base by my husband or one of his friends which isn’t too bad since I’ve already made friends here from prior trips. I’m just not fully comprehending the fact I’m now apart of all this…gotta be a good wife I guess. I’ll be doing schooling soon so that’ll keep me occupied and when I get to Japan ill look for a job. I hope I’ll have a one up, I’ve worked retail and food service before so maybe I’ll land a job on base. I don’t want to be stuck at home all day like some new wives are. I’ll explore and try to make friends. Making the best out of my new life :)

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